Pastors & Staff

Our Pastor

Christian Growth Center has been exceedingly blessed with the leadership of Bishop and Sis. Paul Elder for over twenty years. With their children Jeffrey and his wife Caitlin, Mitchell and his wife Jessy and Melody. They have been a model of Christian leadership, serving both the community of Pueblo and the church body of CGC with wholehearted dedication and love. 

Youth Pastor

Jeffrey and Caitlin Elder and their family are doing a awesome job with the youth department. 


Paul and Reyanna Hicks have been involved in missions related work for many years. Working full-time in Christian Education, they have also made many trips to foreign countries to help with various missions related projects. They both enjoy working with and interacting in varied cultural contexts while helping to meet the needs of people.

Sunday School Pastor

Mitchell and Jessy Elder are over the Sunday school department. They are doing an excellent job!.


Bro. Richard Montez has really brought the music to the next level and you will not find a more dedicated and talented team of musicians anywhere else in Pueblo. They are the most incredible people you could meet. Always there to help, and always striving to keep a great attitude even though they have a tough job. 


Jordan and his wife Olivia Pound and the media team of volunteers help with everything to do with visual media. This includes the website, graphics, marketing materials, projection, lighting, and whatever else is asked of them.

Bus Ministry

 Bro. John and his wife Jess Kast are over the CREW 2:38 Bus Ministry. They are doing a awesome job and really have a passions for kids.